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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 22, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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comments about "black mobs" and today delegate pat mcdonougm takes aim at baltimore's mayor. >> reporter: diabetes is a growing problem among kids many we will tell you about a free event today that will help you and your kids make healthy choices. 6:00 in the morning. let's look live inner harbor on this tuesday may 22nd. i was going to say if that's what it look like outside you've got explain to do but there we go. that's a more appropriate picture. much better. thanks for joining us. >> all right. weather wise this morning, it seems dark out there. little dreary kind of a carry over from yesterday. >> exactly except we are not as wed as yesterday. more showers popping up into the afternoon and peeks of sunshine. we will sight all through the day. this morning we are dealing with patchy fog once again. maryland's most powerful radar is mainly dry for the most part and like i said, take the rain gear as you head out and about because you will need it going into the afternoon. let's check out temperatures. as we go through laurel we can
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see temperatures coming in at 64 degrees. we are mild this morning. and look at the humidity. 97%p so it's up there. we are hyped and the air is saturate -- humid and the air is saturated. temperatures in the low 60s in towson and we have the humidity coming in at 96%. that dew point is close to that temperature and you can see that sunrising out there. with that we have plenty cloud cover to talk about this morning. we will get a few breaks. this is the big story, we have reduced visibility in terms of foggy conditions. only about 8 in hagerstown and 5 in winchester. culpepper around one. let's check the timesaver traffic with lauren and that's the story for you all morning, the fog. >> reporter: fog is the main storey. we are dealing with reduced visibility. be extra careful heading out and turn on the low beams as you drive to work. if you are using the jfx into the city, we have the ongoing construction that continues to block one lane in both directions near 28th street.
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speeds at 59 niles. miles per hour -- 59 miles per hour. at liberty road, outer loop is starting to pick up. but no significant delays just 13 minutes from 795 down towards 95. and in parkville everything will be nice and clear here at harford road. you are looking at a 9-minute ride on outer loop from 95 up towards 8 3. and all is going to be clear on 95 moving through the white march be area. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. state lawmakers who sparked controversy over the comments about black mobs at inner horror turns his focus on the mayor. pat mcdonough says the mayor should resign unless he she calls for "solutions in the summit in a city wide curfew. he says she is awol absent without leadership and mcdonough will hold a news conference today at 11. today the governor will sign into law a number of bills all coming from a 93 page release. did you read it? >> all 93 pages i did not.
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sherrie johnson is here with a breakdown of what it means. >> reporter: i sort of skilled through it. today the governor signs 300 billions approve in the legislative session. he will also sign the budget and tax bills approved in a special session. those bills include an income tax increase for people earning more than 100,000 dollars and households earning more than 150,000 dollars a year. governor o'malley is expected to sign a bill that would make maryland the first state to ban an arsenic additive in chicken feed. state lawmakers banned the use of the chemical used to help the birds grow and fight parasites. the governor is also expected to sign a bill requiring all maryland public schools to keep epifren on hand. so the budget will be signed and tax increases for people earning more than 100,000 dollars and households earning more than 150,000 dollars a year. and a bill to ban arsenic
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additive in chicken feed. the bills cover 93 pages and for more information head to our website at and we have the story located in our home page. and you can click on a link to read the bills in detail. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. new this morning, we know a possible date for a special session to consider the expansion of gambling. if a work group reaches consensus, that special session could be held the week of july 9th. the work group will consider gaming expansion with a study on the issue with proposed legislation the general assembly could consider in the session. the work group meets three times in the next month. today members of maryland's child sex trafficking task force will continue their conference in baltimore county. federal, state and local authorities all formed a task force back in 2007. more than 100,000 children in the united states are victims of child sex trafficking every single year. tina survivor of child sex
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trafficking founded courtney's house which basically helps children in our state in washington -- and washington, d.c. >> this affects every family. we think because we live in a wonderful area it does doesn't. but this affect all of us as parents because the commodity ischildren. >> experts say parents need to be comfortable talking with their children so they know they can come to you. but then as they get older she says don't be afraid to check their phones and computeers to see who else they have been talking to. better to be nosey than to be a parent of a victim of child sex trafficking. the woman police say stabbed her 8-month-old daughter during a visit at the social services building has been indicted. she faces 8 charges including attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment. witnesses say she used a knife to stability baby in the head and neck during a supervised visit. the next court appearance is july 17th. in health news, diabetes is a growing problem among young people and today, health
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professionals will try to raise awareness and help kids make healthy eating choices at a health fair in harford county. linda so is live to tell us all about it. what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, this is for all the parents out there watching and families you might know of. we are live outside william panga old post road elementary school. joining us is a registered in your who is a certified diabetes educator. a health fair is going on and this is for the families and the kids to make educated decisions so the kids don't come down with diabetes right? >> it not so much they don't come down with it because the kids that will be attending this with their parents do have diabetes. but it is more so to let them know you know what's available to them and also preparing for the school year the next school year coming up making sure that they have kind of all the ducks in a row so that the transition into schools is a smooth one.
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>> reporter: and the reason why you are having this at a school is because you want parents to come tonight with their kids. a health fare is free is being held at bel air high school. tell us people who might be watching should they come out with the families? >> definitely. because besides some of the educational sessions we are going to have on preparing for school, all the different vendors from the blood glucose meter companies and insulin companies and insulin pump companies, along with you know american diabetes association juvenile diabetes research foundation you know, they will be there. they will have on display you know all the latest technologies that they have and that's something that the kids really need to see and should -- would be interested in for making changes in the equipment they are currently using. >> reporter: okay. wonderful. and this event we should mention is sponsored by upper chesapeake medical center. this health fare that's
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happening tonight there's information on your screen is going to be at bel air high school that goes from 6 to 8 p.m. and this second one is going to happen next wednesday may 30th from 5 to 7 and that will be here at william packa old post road elementary. live in abbeton, linda so. it's always the sight to behold. naval academy the class of 2015 will make their climb to the top of the herndon monument and the action kicks off a today at 1:30 in the afternoon. it's free and opened to the public. about 1,000 plebes will form a human pyramid around the 21- foot tall monument and they will try to boost a classmate to the top to remove a dxy cup and replace it with amidshipman's -- dixie cup and replace it with a midshipman's hat. traffic here can get pretty bad. >> it can get very bad. we will talk with a traffic expert to see how we stack up against other cities and if our traffic is as bad as we think it is.
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also, how would you feel if your face was broadcast on an app? a new way bars are trying to lure in customers. but is this going too far? lynette. >> so we still have the unsettled weather pattern hanging around. i will tell you the move out in time for the long weekend. details coming. >> reporter: everything is up a speed on south side of 95. i will show you how the beltway is shaping up coming up in my abc2 time traffic saver report. a live look at times square and it's wet and reiny and let's head up to the big apple for a check of the late nest tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, more access to wi-fi. five major cable operators are giving customers access to each other's hot spots in five cities, new york, l.a. tampa orlando and felly at no extra -- philly and no extra cost. microsoft launched a social network called social. it doesn't appear to be a direct challenge to sites like
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facebook and twitter and it is geared towards students and children with the focus on learning. the u.s. supreme court is not getting involved in a major file sharing case. that let stand a 675,000 award against a former boston university student who admitted down loading 30 songs from kazaa and hopes a judge will reduce the damages. youtubeers are -- are uploading more videos. those are your tech bites, i am rob nelson.
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and welcome back. the boughtmore and washington area -- baltimore and washington area are some of the
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worst with traffic. jim joins us live to tell us how baltimore stands. what does it say about the baltimore dc area relative to congestion. >> yeah, charley, well baltimore is ranked 16th out of the 100 worst cities for traffic. and our report this year the average trip in baltimore takes 11% longer than it would due to traffic. i guess the good news is that you know actually traffic is actually down about 25% in baltimore. but drivers still waste about 27 hours a year idle in traffic in the local area. >> with that 11% longer time on the roads, how does that affect the local economy? >> well, what we are seeing out there is you know, 70 of the top 100 cities in the country had decreases in track congestion over last year. traffic is down about 30% nationwide. so baltimore is not dropped
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nearly as much as the rest of the country and what that does tell sus that while we are seeing some economic struggles out there on main street, things in baltimore are not as bad in other place around the country as far as that is concerned. >> back he is the coauthor of the traffic scorecard thanks for the time. time tore the local traffic with -- time for the local traffic check. >> reporter: 20 hours -- over 20 hours wasted in the car. 95 in white marsh is clear and southbound no delays to talk about from the beltway to downtown baltimore. that stretch will take you 14 minutes altogether. and heading out on 695, here's what it looks like in towson. top side in great shape this morning. and inner loop moving very, very well down towards 95 and that outer loop will be delay free up towards 83. travel through the fort mchenry tunnel, no concerns and a live look at 895 at o'donnell street an easy right traveling traveling through the -- traveling through the harbor
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tunnel. the jfx has ongoing construction but it's not having effect on traffic this morning. we are looking at a high of 59 miles per hour southbound at cold spring lane. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right. we are dealing with pappy fog this morning. once again we have very moisture traffic to sur -- trapped at the surface and reduced visibility five miles in easton. one in culpepper. and 8 in hagerstown and five in winchester. take it easy. now glen oak outside we see the clouds hovering and we are dry right now but we have the chance for more showers scattered in nature possibly a thunderstormespecially if we get sunshine in here as we go throughout the day. more of the same in bethesda. dealing with a little more foggy conditions across the area. so be prepared for that. and we look at temperatures this morning and we can see that basically all across the board we are mild looking at
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the 60s. good morning jappa around 64. and satellite ran radar not picking up on a lot in terms of rainfall but that will changegoing into the afternoon because we have that trough of low pressure across the area. and future trend picking up on the scattered showers and storms continuing as we head through your thursday. here's what bee we go for. 76 the the hour by hour forecast for today. back to you guys. new apple allows users to know which bars to used by a on age and patrons. >> thomas roman has the story ofmore of this from san francisco. >> a bit creepy idea. >> reporter: this is what matt thinks is creepy. the cameras in the bar in marina are eye depth fying the gender and age of everyone who walks in. it uses what start up calls anonymous facial detection software feeding it to the app. she didn't know she was being monitored. >> i would probably benefit
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have lady's night and where should we go? let's go where the guys in our age range is. >> reporter: but re beck after the electronic front year foundation says using it to determine who is in a bar and when should cause concern. especially regarding privacy. >> is it sensitive enough to track you from bar to bar? >> reporter: she is worried if it stores the data it could be accessed by others. the application is the brain child of cole harper who thought it would be useful so people could determine what bar or club to pay theronnize and business owners could gauge what attract people and age groups. hear says the data -- harper says the only data they keep is gender and age. >> you keep sort of that data mapping which we don't. >> reporter: he made every effort to assure people that the privacy is not at risk. >> i am coming clean on everything we are doing whether it's overly technical or you know or not. >> and that was thomas roman
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reporting. it's being used in businesses in 7 cities including austin and chicago. cities across maryland have served as the backdrop for so many hollywood films. >> and it's happening now once again. we have the low down on the test film coming to town and what it could mean to the local economy. >> rocket launch from cape canaveral overnight a first look for space history. we will tell you all about it. the whole thing caught on camera. >> as we head to break, this is a live picture from the philippines. be right back. ce beach day çñç?ç?çñçwçñçwç?ó?çwçñó?ç?çñó?çw
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now "good morning maryland." >> it is 6:21. from the patriot games to replacements maryland has been the backdrop for movies. >> hollywood is shining the spotlight on our state. a independent film is shot in annapolis called better living through chemistry a comedy about a pharmacist who has an affair with one of the customers and gets caught up
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with the downward spiral of sex, drugs and violence. and the crew is expected to be shooting for a few more weeks around the annapolis area. the main character is portrayed by sam rockwell. this is his first trip to annapolis but his uncle and his grandfather and his great grandfather went to the naval academy. >> my dad is coming in and we will check out the school and check out the academy and you know pay respects to our lynnage. >> -- lynn age. >> the production alone will generate 7 million dollars in spending provide more than 300 jobs during the filming and the movie is going to debut at the sundance film festival in january and have the man debut around the same time next year. -- the american debut around the same time next year. and you can count on delays a and rerouted traffic. >> but it's spectacular when they are shooting a movie to watch it. time for a look at our local traffic and your commute with lauren. >> reporter: thanks.
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we are dealing with a lot of fog out there this morning. so expect reduced visibility across the region. for those of you in howard county no delays on interstate 70. what this brand new abc2 timesaver traffic system does is monitor traffic flow. notice we are in the green from columbia pike all the way to the beltway. as traffic does congest it will turn yellow and then red. it uses google satellite image to show outmain trouble spots of the commute. so-- be you the main trouble spots on the community. we are dealing with ongoing construction that blocks one lane in both directions at 28th street. through the fort mchenry tunnel no delays to talk about. 895 also going to be clear. and here's a live image of 895 north of child street. not too many cars will be in the green. no delays to talk about whatsoever. and this new system monitors travel times so it will tell you exactly how long it will take to drive from point "a" to point "b" on the northeast corridor of 95 in the white marsh area. a 15 minute ride from the beltway all the way to downtown
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baltimore. that's at your abc timesaver traffic now over to you. >> 3, 2, 1, 0,. >> while you were sleeping. >> and wrap that up. that boy. 3:45 to be exact, the commercialrocket blasted off head to the international space station. the spacex company's falcon 9 rocket hit at 3:45 and cape canaveral is carrying the load of supplies to the space station. this is the first time a private business has launched a rocket to the space station. it is set to dock on friday but will require astronauts to go out and tether it in. looking at the tallest free standing tower in the world. to beingo sky tree opened to the public today in tokyo. the building standsy over 2,000 feet tall and costs -- stands over 2,000 feet tall and cost over 19 million dollars to build. >> would you did up to the
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observation deck. >> sure. >> you are not afraid of heights. >> no. >> would you. >> >> depends. >> you are not interested? >> stay with us this morning. we have a story that's shocking. a father actually says he was joking around with his son at a laundromat and something goes wrong. >> not getting votes for father of the year. what he did to his son and what happened afterwards. it will have you scratching your head. you will wonder why the guy has custody of the kid. >> and a teen nearly gets swept over a water fall and his rescue all caught on camera. >> and as we go to break, we will take a live picture down at atlanta georgia home to the busiest airport. it's 6:25 and we will be right back. so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go.
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be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." more vandalism at a church in middle river. new information on what parishioners are doing to protect the church. baltimore officials have plan to restructure the city's r-ec centers but protesters say the ideas will not benefit those who use them. >> and the click it or ticketcampaign has begun and officers are keeping an extra eye out for fake out drivers. exactly who are they and a you be one of them? >> look at the inner harbor. tuesday may 22nd thanks for joining us on "good morning maryland." >> things are brightening up a
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little bit. but weather wise, rain is going to be a factor. >> it is. especially as we go into the afternoon. a chance for more showers and storms. we are dealing with patchy fog and we could get a few peeks of sunshine and we -- oh. >> if you were paying attention. >> i was. she was pouting. >> pouty lip. >> she has been around nolan and jordan too long. let's check out what's going on in terms of temperatures. nice and mild. 62 all up and down here. but look at what we have. that humidity is at 100% in jefferson and glen el. ellicott city around 98. we have a little patchy fog you can see on the cameras. ellicott city and we are dealing with that in glenel. you need to have the low beams on and we have reduced adviceibility in easton. five miles and we want to get to the 10s in d.c. and also york. we have about 10


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